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Providence is the capital city of the nation’s smallest state, Rhode Island. Its population is anything but small, however, at an estimated 190,934 and it is home to the most coffee and donut shops per capita in all of the U.S. Providence is one of the oldest settlements in the New England area and played a prominent role in both Puritan culture and the Revolutionary War. Today, the city is known by many nicknames, including “The Creative Capital,” “The Renaissance City,” and “PVD.” It offers a rich arts scene and many recreational points of interest, ranking highly on Niche’s list of “Best Cities for Outdoor Activities in America.” Due to the region’s humid continental climate, however, many residents may feel discouraged to spend much time outdoors during the winter. If your family in Providence is holing up inside during the colder months, you will want to make sure your indoor air quality is clean and safe. Reach out to 800 Duct – our local company specializes in air duct cleaning as well as dryer vent cleaning.

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800 Duct is proud to serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the Providence community and beyond. Dryer vent cleaning is one of the most essential maintenance tasks for preventing fires while air duct cleaning offers a number of health and lifestyle benefits. From fighting odors to preventing mold to reducing pet dander, air duct cleaning does it all. You will be shocked at the positive impact it has on your quality of life! Contact 800 Duct today for professional dryer vent and air duct cleaning services in the Providence, RI area!