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Air Cleaning: How Clean is the Air in Your Home?

If you’re not in the office or picking the kids up from school, more than likely you’re home. If you’re home right now, do me a favor and take a deep breath in. Do you smell that? Taste it, even? Chances are you’re surrounded by less than perfect air quality. Breathing it in, sleeping in it, recycling it between you and everyone [...]

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Is it necessary to do professional dryer vent cleaning?

We know your clothes dryer doesn't look scary or dangerous. We know you probably don’t think it needs any regular maintenance or upkeep, because after all, it’s just a dryer, right? Wrong. Every year, there are more than 20,000 house fires causing millions of dollars in damage to and loss of personal property. Guess who the culprit is [...]

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Building Inspiring Spaces

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